Bombazo Wear® Dancer Spotlight: Beatrice Capote

Dance is an art of expression where we are free to move! Free to just be!!!! As the First Afro Caribbean Dance Wear we look forward to serving our community of dancers, educators and enthusiasts!!!! Our skirts are for EVERYONE!!!! This blog is dedicated to celebrate the artists and ensembles who continue their dance traditions and innovations! “As a professional dancer, it was important for me to have a skirt that served all the dance styles I love to do!”-Milteri Tucker Concepcion, CEO.  We will also include more about the history of the skirt and highlight grassroots skirt makers who maintain this tradition from around the world!

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Today we are highlighting dancer/choreographer Beatrice Capote!  An artist from the Boogie Down Bronx her work dwelves in connecting with her Afro Cuban roots and fusing with contemporary modern dance! She recently completed her masters in fine arts from Montclair State University and guess what she was wearing???? Yes! That’s right, her skirt was Bombazo Wear Bomba Caribbean Skirt®! This is what Beatrice has to say on our product:

I enjoyed wearing the blue turquoise skirt. The skirt makes my movement flow naturally and it creates a nice wave like feel in dancing the Orisha Goddess Yemaya. This skirt fits nicely on the waistline and it is perfect in length. I recommend this skirt to anyone learning Afro-Carribean movement for classes and performances.”

Enjoy her video! Get to know Ms. Capote

More about Ms. Capote :

Beatrice Capote is a soloist dancer, choreographer and teacher. She started her pre-professional training at PPAS/The Ailey School, and then graduated from University of North Carolina School of the Arts as a dance major.  In addition, she continued her college journey at Montclair State University where she received her BA in Dance Education. Professionally, she has worked with INSPIRIT, a dance company, Mavericks dance company, The Wells Performance Project, Areytos Performance Works, Earl Mosley, Matthew Rushing, Darrell Moultrie, Antonio Brown and Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In. Motion. Ms. Capote choreographed and performed her solo work as a guest artist for ASHA Dance Company, the Eric Dolphy Jazz Festival, and recently performed her “Newest Solo” at the Martha Graham Studios for WestFest Dance, Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (BAAD), Pepatian Dance Concert at Pregones Theater, and Battery Dance Festival. She received a grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council to choreograph and show new works at the Pier 17 South Street Seaport. She has, also, set work at the Earl Mosley Institute of the Arts Summer Intensive Program, Fort Wayne Ballet Summer Intensive Program, and Steffi Nossen School of Dance. In her work, she gravitates towards the individual artistry/ experience. She asks questions like what, when, where, and who…. Within those questions, she uses gestures to tell her story/ experience. The gestures evolve to expansive movements within the body that reflect to deeper meaning. The movement quality is known to be very energetic and vibrant contemporary modern aesthetic infused with Afro-Cuban/African movements. Her goal is for the audience to experience and relate to the work.

In addition, she is currently faculty at the Ailey School, Joffrey Ballet, Montclair State University and a dancer with Camille A. Brown and Dancers. She has also started “The Sabrosura Effect”, a Latin dance company formed with her partner Miguel Aparicio where they received the Dance For Your Future 2017 Residency to choreograph and perform an evening length production. In addition, Ms. Capote is working towards her MFA degree at Montclair State University focusing on all Afro-Cuban dance forms.

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